Product Description Arcteryx Men's R300 Climbing Harness

Comfortable and lightweight, the Arcteryx Men's R300 Climbing Harness is designed for rock climbers who mix a little alpine mountaineering into their rsum. The harness consists of a main central strap that runs in front and at the back, but with two separating straps where it passes around the head.

This central strap runs between the legs, between the buttocks and up to an area midway up the back where it meets the other end of the strap.

The straps are then secured together typically with a standard buckle such as that used on a belt to hold pants up.

When fitted to a male, the harness splits in half in a similar way to the way it splits to go around the head so as to pass around the male genitals. On a female, the harness usually runs straight between the legs. There are then several other straps running out at right angles from the main central strap (usually, but not limited to, 3-4 straps).

These straps wrap around the body with the two ends secured to each other using further buckles. On a female, the straps may be above and below the breasts, creating a form of breast bondage, with further straps around the waist. On a male, the straps usually criss cross over the chest and abdomen to emphasise male physique.

Leg loops and a wide swami belt are constructed with breathable Warp Strength Technology a unidirectional mesh that provides support in one direction and flexibility in the other allowing it to contour to the climbers body.

Leg loops are connected with elastic for a sure fit and designed with a conical shape for extra comfort.

A strong thermo-formed tie-in point with wear safety markers improve safety by letting you know when abrasion to structural webbing may occur.

Four PU sheathed gear loops are shaped for forward racking and are reversible and removable for versatility.

Trad climbing or ascending a mountain, you dont have to sacrifice comfort for lightness with the Arcteryx R300 Harness for Men.